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Reflection and the Diasporic Epic by artist Piki Mendizabal

The Consulate of Mexico and the Mexican Cultural Institute in New Orleans are pleased to present the exhibition Reflection and the Diasporic Epic by artist Piki Mendizabal.
Mexico, Cuba and New Orleans shared a strong cultural bond throughout history. This cultural bond makes New Orleans a warm multicultural and welcoming place for people of Latin-American countries that for many reasons have come to called it home. Reflection and the Diasporic Epic by Piki Mendizabal is an exhibition that resonates to the immigration experience in New Orleans. This exhibition is a visual narrative that echoes to every single immigrant, who has to follow the painful path to leave their homeland to become part of a different one without failing to keep and embrace their own culture in a new place.
Piki Mendizabal is an artist born in La Habana, Cuba in 1982. His work focuses on the daily life of the Old Havana. He works in painting, drawing, printmaking. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro…

Octeto Sicarú Guitar Ensemble with Nicholas Ciraldo at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans

June 12, 2018 7:00 to 8:30 pm Marigny Opera House 725 St. Ferdinand Street, New Orleans, LA 70117

Octeto Sicarú Guitar Ensemble with Nicholas Ciraldo
The decorated Octeto Sicarú makes its Marigny Opera House debut with a program of 20th century through contemporary Mexican guitar music on a set of eight hand-carved guitars that travel with their luthier. The Octet is joined by celebrated American Classical Guitarist Nicholas Ciraldo for Julio César Oliva’s México de mis sueños.  Ciraldo is an Associate Professor of Music at The University of Southern Mississippi, has played in Boston’s Jordan Hall, Berlin’s Berliner Dom, and Curitiba’s Teatro José Maria Santos, and won numerous international guitar competitions.

This Mexican guitar ensemble was established in 2010. The Octeto Sicarú has performed in Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Uruguay, and the United States. In 2013, American guitarist William Kanengiser joined Octeto Sicarú to perform Shingo Fujii’s Co…